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A unique and versatile singer-songwriter based everywhere and nowhere at all, I am a small-town Midwestern girl who aimed for adventure and the "big time" by moving to Los Angeles, but completely overshot toward the adventure side of things and ended up in orbit. I am currently alternating between re-exploring my roots of small-town life, but in rural Ontario, and touring the world with a circus.

Music and art, to me, have always been natural and necessary to a deeper exploration of the human experience. I have also earned degrees in sociology and psychology to that same end. Though I have years of formal study as both a vocalist and an artist, I have long found a commitment to the exploration of varied experience far more attractive than the alienating deep study of any singular set of mechanical techniques. Thus, I have become artistically a sort of Jill-of-All-Trades…Master of some. I seek novelty and authenticity. Seek and ye shall find. 

I have been the Hardworking Breadwinner, the Helpless Dependent, the Innocent, and the Jaded. I have been the Other Woman, the Long-Suffering Housewife, the Independent Woman, and the Fierce Feminist. I have been the Object and the Objectifier. I have been the Outcast, and the Caregiver, the Rescuer, and the Saved. I have been the Lover, the Rebel, the Creator, and the Sage. My art reflects my life, and vice-versa.