I engage in a broad range of visual arts and crafts from photography to painting to sculpture, making use of recycled and/or found materials whenever possible. I rarely repeat a project, so the vast majority of my pieces are truly one of a kind, or produced in very small quantities.

Stuff On My Head

2017 was a landmark year, bringing the health and identity challenges of breast cancer. In defiance of the disease and its treatment, both of which can chip away pieces of a person, I began a series of self-portraits, from goofy to quirky to beautiful. This worked as a means of exploring and reinforcing those aspects of myself that cancer and chemotherapy did not touch - my humour, my inner strength, my creativity. I named it simply "Stuff on My Head." Click each image above to explore this phase of the project.

The therapeutic value of this project quickly became apparent. I have since been developing means to bring the process directly to others going through hair loss, and am actively seeking interested participants. Please contact me if you or someone you know may like to be involved.